Peculiar Mixture

14 Sep

Had our first fieldwork at Palili elementary school at Bataan last August 20. Met at UST at around 7 and arrived there at around 9 or 10am. We were assigned to a group of Grade 6 students. To break the ice we introduced ourselves and had a little game. After this we discussed about Math and English and gave them some test. We assigned kids for ourselves to tutor. I was handling Jayfe and Francis, Francis who was constantly laughing especially during the test turned out to be very good in Math. When we were finish we had snacks and since we had nothing else to do we taught some of them how to use a dslr. When it was time for us to go they gave us some rambutan and a thank you card. We were touched and gave them a hug. We hope to see them again soon and to have another amazing fieldwork.

It was very fulfilling to have a connection with this kids and to teach them a little. It was tiring but at the same time fun, just seeing them happy made our day. Knowing that this kids are looking for a proper education, it feels great to be able to share and help them. There was this instance that the kids were even trying to let us discuss more and are asking questions, this just shows how even in their situation and the lack of materials they are longing for education and it is sad that the government hasn’t really taken care of the problem. I know the process of fixing this takes a while but I am thankful that somehow we are a part of something that helps the community. 

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